The maps and tabular data presented in this Internet mapping application are developed from public records and various data sources including real property tax assessment records. Users of this mapping application should consult the original public information sources for verification of the information contained on this application. While efforts have been made to use the most current and accurate data, Onondaga County, the City of Syracuse, and their mapping and software consultants assume no legal responsibility for the information contained in this Internet-based Geographic Information System (GIS).

The information contained herein is provided for informational purposes only. The City of Syracuse, Onondaga County, and their mapping and software consultants provide this GIS data and metadata with no claim as to the completeness, usefulness, or accuracy of its content, positional or otherwise. Your use and browsing of information on this site is at your own risk. In providing this data and application or access to it, the City and County assume no obligation to assist the user in the use of such data or in the development, use, or maintenance of any applications applied to or associated with the data or metadata.

Please note that the tax parcel boundaries displayed in the application are derived from non-survey grade map sources that were not intended for conveyance. The parcel data should be used for general information purposes only and not to determine property boundaries. In many instances, the parcels and other data layers do not align exactly with the aerial photography which is a more accurate data source. Please read the metadata for more information on the data sets present in this application.

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